Day 330: Signs of Contentment

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A Bone to Pick (Watercolour)

A Bone to Pick (Watercolour)

I needed a break from sunsets today…. it’s been wild and windy outside bringing alternating sunshine and clouds along with slammed doors and flying papers – I even had two books blown across the floor! It’s been easy to forget about calm, tranquil sunsets :-).

For a diversion I decided to try a less than careful painted version of the sketch I did last week – I guess I still have the memory of that session lodged somewhere in my brain and the urge to be raw and unfettered.

Ha, if only I could manage to put that into practice, but I’m still ‘painting inside the lines’. There’s still just a bit too much fear of making a mess when it comes to splashing it on and mixing colours on the paper… having said that, what I’ve got so far is quite satisfactory. despite the lack of abandon! Not to mention, I’m chuffed to get a good likeness twice in a row 😀 .