Day 334: Multitudes of Tumultuous Skies!

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Sky colours (watercolours)

Sky colours (watercolours)

I began my session today with an ultimate goal of laying down a sky for my “Summer of Love” member’s show painting. However, my sensible side was keeping watch, and it occurred to me to first check how my previous practise would work on the paper that I intend to use (which of course I hadn’t used, being just a practise).

And, I also realised that I couldn’t actually remember which colours I’d used last week! So, first brush to paper was an experimentation of all the blues, pinks and yellows/oranges to try and jog my memory or come up with something new. Nice abstract patterns but not sure it’s helpful :-).

The rest of my session included lots of practise with the new paper, which by the way is Arches 300gm, Rough. I have to say I was a little shocked during all that time not to paint anything I liked enough to use again, but there are some lovely effects… on one where I sprayed the paper because it was drying too fast, and I quite like some of the colours, but not for this project. The skies below are just a small selection of the best…

So you see, we all have days where no matter how much you practise it just doesn’t happen :-). Tomorrow it will just work!


sky1 sky2  sky4 sky3 sky5