Day 335: A Break in the Clouds…

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Safe Mooring (Watercolour)

Safe Mooring (Watercolour)

Well, it didn’t all just fall into place today, but I think there was a breakthrough in colours and a possible layout for the sky after I found a demonstration on You Tube that inspired me.

The weather here really isn’t playing fair though and it was really difficult to paint today with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees all day – I don’t think it’s cooled down yet and it’s now 10.15pm! So, wet into wet became moist into bone-dry, and any attempt to work with the paint just made cauliflowers and lifted the paint underneath. Hence my clouds are looking a bit tatty.

I can see the potential though, if I plan carefully and paint early enough for the washes to stay wet… I also took a bit of time to invent a landscape around my practise sky :-).