Day 340: Summer of Love, Pt. 5

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Summer of Love (Watercolour)

Summer of Love (Watercolour)

So, as we get closer to the end of this process the changes I’ve made are becoming less obvious… I hope I’m not boring everyone too much, I promise it will be all over by tomorrow – because if it’s not finished by then it will not be included in the member’s show that I’m aiming for.

As I add a bit here and there I’m finding I am happier with the overall effect, although I still think the clouds are overworked and wish I’d left more white paper. The Egret on the right is pretty much finished now, I think. There’s just a touch more shading needed on the wings of the left hand Egret, and then it’s down to some finishing touches of detail in the foreground and maybe also in the trees.

I also stretched some more paper this afternoon with the intention of starting a new piece, maybe I’ll find an hour to try that out. However, I’m thinking that realistically there would be too much to finish in a single day to get it ready for the show. Stranger things have happened though, so we’ll see how it goes – maybe I’ve just prepped it ready for my next masterpiece ;-).