Day 345: Fresh Raspberries

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Fresh Raspberries (Watercolour)

Fresh Raspberries (Watercolour)

If only I could do this every day :-)…

While I was doing chores this morning I was thinking about what I might paint following yesterday’s tomatoes, and decided to pick some colours I like and paint something that suits them. So I chose my two favourite colours of the year so far, Sap Green and Quinachridone Magenta  and pondered on a subject.

I have a couple of raspberries in the garden too – lots of canes, but only a few berries, and these seem to be perfect for the colours I wanted to use. I did also add a bit of Hookers Green and Carmine to get some variation.

Then I sat down and fiddled, trying to use lots of clear water and trying to keep some white patches for highlights. Fiddling isn’t the right word of course, because it’s the one I use when I’m over working… I think what I mean is I doodled, just wandered around the paper with the brush and water and pigment… and it just worked 🙂