Day 35: Lots more Washes

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Yesterday’s washes were fun and so I think I’ll continue the trend! I definitely need to practice experimenting more to discover how different pigments mix and blend depending on the amount of water and strength of the colour. It sounds like really bad English to say ‘practice experimenting’, but in my case it’s true. Experimenting is not something that comes easily to me!

I’ve also stumbled upon some new inspiration this week, a British artist whose work is beautiful and who has some great ideas for practice… her name is Maggie Latham, please check out her blog here. She also had another blog last year, called 100 washes, where she and some friends painted, naturally enough, 100 washes each. There are some amazing results to be found there.

Day-35b Day-35aFor myself, here are the ones I’ve completed today… for the first four I have to admit I wasn’t thinking much about which colours I used, maybe you can tell :-P. I was just watching how the paints spread, trying to vary the consistency of the wash and the dryness of the paper when I dropped the paint in.

In the last two I tried to get a particular result – I mostly managed it in the first with an impression of a lake reflection. The second was started with an idea of flowers and began to look a bit like a hydrangea, then it got a bit too dark… it looks more like a giant blackberry now… I think “stop fiddling” has to be the saying for this week.