Day 352: Spotted Lily, maybe Zantedeschia?

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Zantedeschia (Watercolour)

Zantedeschia (Watercolour)

In our front garden each year since we moved in a number of clumps of very pretty leaves have made an appearance, last year I painted a digital sketch of some. They’re spearlike in shape and very green with white spots all over them… very upright…. they remind me of something from a fairytale :-).

This summer I was surprised to see one of the clumps has formed a flower, a very dainty trumpet that’s almost yellow, but is quite green as well. It’s quite beautiful and I’m so glad I didn’t pull them out two years ago when I thought they might be weeds. After a quick online search I think I’ve discovered what they are: Zantedeschia. Apparently they are considered a weed in many parts of the world, but are also grown for cut flowers in new Zealand – the family also produces the Calla Lily and Arum Lily, but these are quite small in comparison.

So today I have started a painting, I didn’t want to just copy them because the original background is just dark green and doesn’t do them justice.. they’re far too unusual and mystical. Therefore I drew a sketch and washed in some colours I picked on a whim. Then I panicked because the gold and yellow looked too strong so I splashed in some drops of water and flicked some Quinachridone Magenta into the spaces too. Great fun, and I’m not sure yet what will come next… I’m worrying now that the background is going to clash with the green of the leaves – it certainly keeps the adrenalin flowing :-P.