Day 353: Spotted Lily, Part 2

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Zantedeschia (Watercolour)

Zantedeschia (Watercolour)

It might not look like much has happened since yesterday, but aside from lots of thought (also immensely important!) I’ve added another green wash to make the background deeper and begun to paint the flower in the centre. I’ve also added a few spots of masking fluid to help with the white speckles on the leaves.

I was very interested to see what a difference the extra wash of green made to the background – I’ve been reading about glazing, i.e. laying a wash of colour over the top of another previously dried layer. I always knew glazing was a good thing but I didn’t realise it had such an impact on the vibrancy of colours.

On a different level, I’m not sure this background is going to fit with everything else, even if it is looking marvellous and vibrant… so just warning you, I might have to revise the colour of the background :-). I’m quite tempted to see what Indigo would look like over the top!