Day 356: Another Few Leaves: Zantedeschia

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Zantedeschia (Watercolour)

Zantedeschia (Watercolour)

I tried to put aside a good, quiet, hour today for painting. A spot early in the day, as I knew we’d be busy with New Year’s Eve preparations – a few friends are coming over for drinks… At 4pm, out shopping for snacks, I realised this wasn’t going to work out quite as planned :-).

Nonetheless, I’ve managed an initial wash on a few more leaves and still got everything ready in time… as I started writing I found out that our friends are still 20 minutes away, so I have plenty of time to publish and relax and enjoy the evening.

The colours on this one have still got me a little unbalanced, I’m not sure I like them or whether they work together. However, I enjoyed my painting today and, despite being slightly under pressure, the brushes seem to be behaving themselves better than usual – there are some nice marks and textures appearing on the leaves that I hope I can build upon later.