Day 363: Ready For a Soaking!

Unexpected Soaking (Graphite)Soaking

The Unexpected Wave (Graphite)

I’m very glad to say that I’m feeling a bit more human today… pretty tired and still a bit sore, but the antibiotics are doing their job and I seem to be on the mend :-). So, no more teeth pictures!

This little sketch here is a prep for a painting I’d like to try, taken from a photo by Richard Long and shared on Paint My Photo. I thought it would offer me an opportunity to try and develop some areas I’ve been having trouble with, such as capturing the human body and experimenting with looser painting techniques. It’s a little hard to tell from this sketch but the boy is paddling in the sea and has an enormous wave about to crash on him – I had no idea how to draw the wave, as you can tell :-P. I just hope it will be easier to suggest in colour!

I’m fairly pleased with how the figure came out as it was actually quite a small sketch book so the details were very small and fiddly to draw… I’ll certainly have to make the painting larger. While painting the teeth yesterday I used a sort of watercolour sketch technique that I haven’t previously considered might work for me, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. So I might try something similar to depict the boy, while the wave will be completely random, I think! Splash some paint on it and see what happens 😉