Day 41: Zoltan Szabo Sky strips

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Sky-WashesIt’s Friday afternoon and I’m really looking forward to a weekend without builders! We have two whole days before they come back to finish off the last few bits. It’s absurd that they started less than a week ago, it feels like they’ve been living with us for months.

They are great guys, they’ve been really easy to get along with. However, it’s been really difficult to organise space for painting, and I mean head space as well as the physical type. It’s amazing how a disruption to routine can totally throw your general concentration… the beginning of the week was fun, exciting and new but as it progressed I’ve started to feel distracted and unable to settle to anything. Am I really looking forward to routine again? I must be getting old!

So, practising technique… I mentioned a few days ago that this is something which needs to become a regular part of my practise routine. I bought a book recently of watercolour tips and tricks by Zoltan Szabo in which he suggests practical ways to address various painting challenges. I’ve been looking through it and there’s a good few pages on skies, so I found a small corner of a table and had just half an hour painting some more strips of sky using some of his methods.