Day 45: A Beautiful Rainbow of Colours

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Watercolour test-swatches

Watercolour test-swatches

Some time ago, back in mid January, you may remember I was having trouble mixing greens and spent an hour creating test swatches of all the combinations that were possible with the paints I had (Day 3).

As a result I decided I might need to do some shopping, and bought myself a range of new paints through the SAA website. They have an offer for 8 SAA artists watercolour tubes in a free tin that’s very good value, and if you’re in Australia at the moment it’s an amazing offer, partly due to the exchange rate (By the way, not affiliated or on commission, it just really is a good offer).

The much anticipated package arrived a couple of days ago and I found time today, after the plasterers left, to have a play with them. They are such amazing colours that I’m now considering the possibility that my old paints were letting me down after all – this is really difficult because I know only bad workmen blame their tools, however these new paints are so bright and clear that they support my theory.

I can’t wait to start painting with them and already have a few ideas for trying to paint the lorikeets we have around at the moment. Several of these hues would be ideal, I’m already seeing ways of mixing them in my head.