Day 49: Lorikeet No. 2 Update

Dangling Rainbow Lorikeet (Watercolour)

Dangling Rainbow Lorikeet (Watercolour)

It’s been wet, windy and miserable again here today so it’s been very easy to sit and paint all afternoon, especially with such colourful subjects. Somehow a couple of hours slipped away without me noticing and suddenly Flint was sitting beside me asking whether or not he was getting a walk today, it was 6.15pm!

I began with some Chinese painting practice and a page or two full of yellow roses – they’re still not quite coming together yet, I think I need to watch Maurice demonstrate again! However, it’s a good way to warm up and generally helps me to use the brush more confidently – you can’t hesitate when the paint soaks straight in.

Then it was on to the Lorikeet and some lovely bright colours. You’ll see he’s starting to display his character a bit more with preliminary washes all over using Phthalo Blue, Sap Green, Carmine and Indian Yellow… still a long way to go though. This is a new concept to embrace, not trying to finish in a single sitting, and it’s quite tough. I only stopped today because it started getting dark, but I know I was ready and would probably have messed it up if I’d continued any longer.

I’ve also disguised that stray leaf at the bottom, hiding it in a clump, and added some more foliage on the left. I might leave it there, not sure yet… the bottom corner looks a bit bare (inviting?) but I really need to walk away for a day and revisit it with fresh eyes.