Day 50: Poop, Poop, Woo Whoo!

The Thirlmere Flyer (Digital Watercolur)

The Thirlmere Flyer (Digital Watercolur)

We have had the most fantastic day today with a spur of the moment trip to Thirlmere, south of Sydney, for the Steam Festival. We only booked yesterday, which turned out to be a master stroke as we spent the two hour steam train journey in our own compartment in a virtually empty carriage. I spent most of it with my head out of the window getting soot and steam in my face!

We spent a great afternoon looking around the rail museum there – they have a huge collection of rolling stock in various states of renovation and disrepair – and then enjoyed the journey in reverse. You could tell it was down hill on the way back, or maybe the driver was ready for his tea 😉

Anyway, having been a very long and exhausting day I thought I’d try out a new piece of watercolour painting software on my Android tablet this evening – I was hoping I could knock something out quite quickly… and I was right, and then it crashed! Gone, lost forever, I can still hear Jim saying “did you save it”. Well, the software isn’t that clever apparently… So this piece is my third attempt (finished at 11.15pm), a brief sketch of the Thirlmere Flyer on which we travelled today.

I’m still impressed by the software, it imitates watercolour very well, even if it could do with some fine tuning, such as not crashing and being able to save as you go along! It’s a shame you can’t see the first one it was far better than this, but that’s easy to say when I can’t prove it 😛