Day 59: Dry Stone Wall

Winter Stile (Watercolour)

Winter Stile (Watercolour)

While I’ve been on the subject of trees for the past few days I thought I’d have another go at painting Silver Birch trees and snow, but as with the Lorikeet I thought there’d be some advantage in changing the composition so I’m not just repeating the same brush strokes.

Coincidentally, I happened to watch an interesting tutorial about painting dry stone walls on the Painting & Drawing Channel this afternoon. Having lived in North Nottinghamshire for a lot of my life many walks and treks into Derbyshire and the Peak District included the familiar sight of dry stone walls, maybe with tracks alongside or stiles to climb over… so I’ve created an imaginary composition with a tree, a stile and dry stone walls to try and paint over the coming days.

By the way, if you’re interested in checking out these free video tutorials there are always several available here. They feature well known artists using a variety of paint mediums and styles to demonstrate different subjects, and they change every week.

So far I’ve pencilled in a light outline and masked the upper trees ready for the sky and background to go in. I might change some of the masking though, as I’m thinking the branches as they stand are too busy in the middle.