Day 5: Digital sketch with tablet

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Lily, sketched on tablet

Lily, sketched on tablet

I had quite a busy day today, with opticians and a few other appointments. It was also rather warm all day and to be honest by the time I got home I didn’t think I couldn’t face another session of watercolours.

In fact I wasn’t sure I could stay awake this evening to paint anything… horrific, to think I might miss a day less than a week into this challenge….

So whilst Jim (the better half) was enjoying his after work beer on the porch I joined him with my tablet to experiment. This was the tablet bought for me as a present last year because I was going to spend all my time sketching on it, even while watching the telly (even? I mean especially!).

Unfortunately my first few trials had showed that it was nothing like using the computer, so I hadn’t tried for again for months. The software available isn’t anywhere near as versatile as using Photoshop with a Wacom  and I just can’t paint with my fingers… I suppose I’m too old to remember when I was good at that, if I ever was ;-). I do have a stylus but it’s still fat and so it’s difficult to work out where the stroke will appear, as many of you may know.

Anyway, tonight I settled down without any expectations as such, a temporary aversion to watercolour, and an open mind… and amazingly, after an hour or so, I have realised it IS possible to get acceptable results, as evidenced by the partial sketch here. I just needed to learn a new strategy, be quick enough to catch the light and not get bitten by too many mozzies at dusk!