Day 60: Dry Stone Wall Part Two

Dry Stone Wall (Watercolour)

Dry Stone Wall (Watercolour)

I’ve just noticed that yesterday’s post doesn’t appear to have sent… I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see any record of a newsletter going out last night, sorry! Hopefully you’ll get a double one tonight, if not you only missed the first stage of today’s post anyway and you can catch up on the website if you need to 🙂 .

Had a smashing day today catching up with my good friend Moira (also an artist) and visiting some nearby galleries at Dank St, it was very inspirational! I also got home with enough time to paint for an hour or so before heading out again to a comedy show tonight – that could be the perfect day!

So, if you got yesterday’s post, you’ll see I did change the masking of the branches across the upper middle section. They could still be improved, but I’m happier with them now than I was. I’ve put in a suggestion of background trees, as per the Dermot Cavanagh demonstration, but still haven’t managed to lift any branches out of it while it was damp. I’m thinking it’s because I’m trying to make tiny marks – Dermot’s paper was quite a bit bigger….

I’ve also splashed in a base wash for the stone wall at the front, which is lovely and warm with shades of Raw Sienna and Light Red with small touches of Ultramarine. I’m quite looking forward to the next stage, which will probably be a light wash on a second wall in the middle distance as well as more detail on the front wall.