Day 73: Peeking Through, 3rd sitting

Peeking Through - White Thunbergia (Watercolour)

Peeking Through – White Thunbergia (Watercolour)

I’m afraid it might look like I haven’t added anything since last time I posted this picture, but there have been a few subtle changes….

The wood now has some depth to it, in a couple of senses. I’ve spent an enjoyable half an hour adding more detail to the wood itself and have also added the sides of the planks so they look more three dimensional. I may have been a somewhat light handed for a change, the original washes had such a delicate texture┬áI was concerned about over doing it. I’m still not sure whether it’s enough or if it should go darker.

I’ll assess it again tomorrow when I remove the masking to judge whether the contrast with the flowers will be strong enough.