Day 75: Peeking Through, Day 5

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Peeking Through - White Thunbergia (Watercolour)

Peeking Through – White Thunbergia (Watercolour)

Just a quick preview tonight. I painted for an hour this morning and then played truant from all my chores to go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show for the very first time in 12 years living here. What a fun day: scary rides, rodeo, lots of animals (and associated smells) and fireworks at the end. I’ve just got home at 10.40pm, exhausted.

Unfortunately this means I can’t get on my computer, the room is out of bounds as Jim had an early night. So I can’t scan my pic in, it’s photo time again provided I can get my tablet working properly.

I’ve added some shading to the petals of the flowers, but it probably needs more work softening some edges, if the torn paper will allow. Still need shadows on the fence too. All good so far though…. Now I’m off to bed to dream of Easter bunnies and manic fairground rides!