Day 77: Dry Stone Wall

Dry Stone Wall (Watercolour)

Dry Stone Wall (Watercolour)

I decided to return to the dry stone wall and Silver Birch trees to add a bit more…. there’s now some additional shading under the far wall, the masking has been removed (without any problem) and the near tree has been filled in – although it may be a little too heavy for a Silver Birch tree.

So, there’s one more tree to complete and some shadows to add across the snow, and hopefully that will pull it all together.

It’s very odd to be painting snow scenes while it’s still 20 degrees outside over here, but then it never really gets cold enough in Sydney to snow…. perhaps that’s why I miss it so much 🙂

It is becoming more Autumnal here, with colder mornings, but so far we’re still having lots of sunshine so I’ve no complaints. I’m looking out for new subject matter and not sure what we’re going to get as the Seasons change. Maybe the subject matter should take a change too, away from flowers and landscapes? Who knows, I follow my nose in these things, I just hope something will grab me by tomorrow!