Day 81: Magnolia Flowers, Pt. 3

Magnolia Flowers (watercolour)

Magnolia Flowers (watercolour)

What a day we’ve had today… torrential rain from early this morning (and I mean before the crack of dawn) right through without let up. Miserable and wet, and colder too.

This afternoon I was trying to think of what to do next and went searching for puddles. Pretty easy to find, but I was looking for picturesque or colourful ones, or even just with a good reflection. Unfortunately all the puddles I found were grey, muddy and reflected either tarmac or nothing at all because the rain had broken them up so much! Hopefully tomorrow will be better… Oh my, I’ve just remembered, I recommended to a friend of a friend who’s visiting from England that this week would be beach weather, bring shorts! Ha ha, well I hope they brought an umbrella as well.

I’ve added some shading to these Magnolia Flowers, mainly around the bases so they still look quite bright. Again, I began to be disappointed as the painting progressed and I saw the pale pink washes disappearing under stronger hues of pinks and blues, but once I’d left it for 20 minutes I couldn’t remember the earlier stage and I like it just as it is now 🙂

However, I notice I can see a shadow line on one petal that accidentally lines up perfectly with the edge of another petal – something that once you see distracts you forever. I might have to try and fix that tomorrow before I start something new.