Day 82: Tibouchina, or yet more flowers

Tibouchina (Watercolour)

Tibouchina (Watercolour)

This was fun… I wasn’t really sure what to do today as we’ve had another day of dismal rain and nothing was really suggesting itself… eventually I dragged the dog out for a walk in the rain.

In truth, he dragged me: he really doesn’t care whether it’s raining or not & was obviously a bit confused why he didn’t get a walk this morning, especially as it’s cooler now and he’s suddenly found he can run around without falling over!

Everywhere around us are Tibouchina trees, a close friend pointed them out last year & made me remember the name (because of the China bit, and because her daughter had just learned it). The bluey purple-ness is quite distinctive because it defies photography, check online, it really does not photograph well…. the colour seems to suck up light and reflects strangely. It’s a sort of combination of pink, purple and blue, but it’s so hard to pin down you just have to see them.

So, while walking today I took a photo or two and decided they surely can’t be that hard… on arriving home I got a small pad and experimented – this is the result. As an initial wash it’s far too dark and leaves nowhere else to go. However, there’s also something good there, I might try & develop it later, or I might just start again with lighter shades to see whether I can build on it. Watch this space (cliché warning!). Whatever the result it was fun to splash the colours around (Quinachridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green, Alizarin Crimson, Indian Yellow).