Day 95: OK, Keep Your Feathers On!

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OK, Keep Your Feathers On! (Graphite)

OK, Keep Your Feathers On! (Graphite)

After a wonderful trip to Wollongong to visit my friend Moira this afternoon and see her paintings in exhibition at the Project Art Space I knew I was going to struggle to be creative today.

It’s not that I wasn’t inspired by seeing the work of the nine committee members and listening to descriptions of intentions and processes during an afternoon of artist talks. They filled me with enthusiasm and lots of new ideas… but I was also somewhat overawed by their artiness.

I also knew I was going to be short of time so I took my tablet with me & spent the train journey home doodling, playing, generally making a right old mess. There wasn’t a single thing I didn’t delete on the spot 🙂

Eventually, once I was home and the dog walked, when it was too dark to even consider watercolour I settled on this quirky sketch. It’s taken from another photo on paintmyphoto which made me smile a lot.