Day 98: Fluffy Alpaca, Day 3

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Alpaca (Watercolour)

Alpaca (Watercolour)

So, Mr. Alpaca worked out all right in the end, his neck is a bit of a funny shape but that’s not too noticeable. I love the fur, both fluffy and short, even though the nostrils and mouth could still be improved.

Can you spot the bit I completely missed painting? I noticed earlier and then still forgot to fill it in before scanning this evening! Once you see it you can’t look anywhere else, it stands out like a second nose 🙂

And what shall I do next??? I really expected to take a few more days over this piece with it being something so new, and I have no idea what the next subject should be. Maybe I could try a request if anyone has any? Or you can watch this space to see what I find to inspire me tomorrow.