Double Trouble, Pt. 2

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Double Trouble (Watercolour)

Double Trouble (Watercolour)

If I was hoping to have more time on my hands today I was sadly wrong… mind you I did manage to paint in daylight so maybe I did have a little up my sleeve.

It’s been a day of spreadsheets and documents, Microsoft Word & Excel, plus a bit of database work…. by 5.30pm I was wishing I had a new chair for my computer (I didn’t move much at all today). And yet I still found time to paint – a good day then 🙂 .

It’s been a few days since I started, but today the first wash went on the two frightened kittens. I love the colours, which were just sitting on my palette, I just wish I could drop them in and let them spread instead of fiddling with them (the ‘f’ word again!!). A long way still to go though so I’m not judging yet 😉 .