Double Trouble, Pt. 3

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Double Trouble (Watercolour)

Double Trouble (Watercolour)

Today I was lucky to find a good hour or so to devote to adding some colour to the frightened kitties… the photo today was taken by flash after dark, so it’s a slightly adjusted version but hopefully you can still see the slight shading on the white cat as well as the really scrappy painting of the black one.

Painting fur is hard! I’ve decided today that painting black fur, if you can do it with any sort of success, deserves a medal! This poor moggie is looking like he was just dragged out of a deep, muddy well poor guy. I deliberately mixed the colour I used, I didn’t want to use a black or grey from a tube, and this is actually a blend of Sap Green, Rose Madder and Pthalo Blue – you really can’t tell can though… they didn’t separate at all on the paper & it just looks grey.

At this stage I’m seriously tempted to run the whole thing under the tap tomorrow and start again (that’s allowed you know). At the very least there is a lot more work to do here…