Goofy Dog, Clancy

Clancy - Goofing Around (Watercolour)

Clancy – Goofing Around (Watercolour)


I realised yesterday that it’s my good friend (who’s also Clancy’s Mum) Tanya’s birthday this weekend and since my sketch on Tuesday fell off the page I decided to try a loose watercolour sketch of him from another photo, to give her as a birthday card.

This one captures his goofy nature much better, although he is also very good at looking pompous like in the sketch. It was a nightmare to draw… one day I would love to just paint without a sketch to guide me, but that’s hard at the best of times. In this particular picture there is so much foreshortening and distortion due to Clancy’s position that I had to spend an hour getting it right before I put any paint down at all. His back legs were out of the photo (yes, I know…) and so far I haven’t decided whether to try and invent them or let them fade into nothing.