Stormy Jacarandas: They Say a Problem Shared…

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Jacaranda Storms (Watercolour)

Jacaranda Storms (Watercolour)

We had some interesting and quite diverse changes of weather yesterday…. after a crisp sunny morning it quickly got quite hot, reaching almost 30 degrees, then a change blew through at about 2pm bringing a rapid drop in temperature and very gusty winds. It looked like some serious thunder was on it’s way, and the lilac blue Jacaranda trees in a neighbour’s yard looked amazing against the stormy clouds.

I wanted to see if I could recreate the contrast of the grey clouds and blue flowers in watercolour and tried hard to get some photos for reference, but there are lots of rooftops in the way…

Painting wasn’t easy either…. here are the three attempts I’ve made so far, starting from the bottom. The first has some quite nice trees and blossom, but the sky is too similar in colour so they’re a bit lost, they don’t ‘pop’. The second worked much better colour wise, using a base of Pthalo Blue for the sky and Ultramarine Blue for the blossom, but all my painting skills fled when it came to painting the trunks and branches leaving me with a muddy mess. They’re not really the right overall shape for Jacarandas either.

Finally, today I began another trial… nice heavy clouds and a bright area still waiting for some blossom, but now I have this side by side with the first two it’s actually looking like the poor relation. I guess this is how practise works… and the title of today’s post? Well now I’ve shared my problems I can see the first two weren’t as bad as I first thought. I can also see that a combination of them all would possibly be a great solution and that I probably need to start again 🙂