John’s Rose Bites the Dust & Spotted Lily 2

Zantedeschia, Spotted Lily (Watercolour)

Zantedeschia, Spotted Lily (Watercolour)

It’s a quick post today, just for a catch-up… I spent more time today trying to make the paper work for me with John’s Rose and eventually admitted defeat with this one. I just can’t get any sharp lines or bleed the colour properly and the washes are just soaking straight in and drying with a very strange spongelike texture – see the insert below for a small detail of the painting as it stands now.

I think I’m just going to have to resign to defeat with this paper as it is at the moment. Maybe I can buy some DIY sizing liquid to try coating the rest of the pad with, but it’s fairly impossible as it is to get results from it. I did start the painting afresh, but there’s not much to share at the moment.

John's Rose (Watercolour)

John’s Rose (Watercolour)

Thank goodness it only seems to be one of the two pads I bought. Fortunately, the other block seems to be behaving much better, as you can see by the second stage of the Zantedeschia Lily that I started before Christmas. I just think this probably needs the leaves defining a bit more and some of their trademark spots adding and then I can stop 🙂 .