Magnificent Magnolias, Pt. 2

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Magnificent Magnolia (Watercolour)

Magnificent Magnolia (Watercolour)

Oh, what fun you can have painting a subject you like!  I’ve had a very rewarding session today, even though my painting hasn’t been as skilful or as successful as for the first sitting of these beautiful blossoms.

Two reasons come to mind for this:

  1. Warm Ups: I just couldn’t bring myself to ‘waste time’ warming up today, I went straight into lifting heavy weights, as Jean Haines would put it. I consider myself lucky I didn’t do more damage 😛
  2. Masterpieces versus doodling: The first session of this painting was a warm up, I never expected it to work at all, and so today I came back to the piece with “expectations”. Instead of nice flowing experimentation I found myself trying to make every stroke perfect.

One day I might learn from these lessons that I can recite so well… for now I feel I’ve been extremely lucky and didn’t totally screw it up, which constitutes a pretty darn good day in my books 😀 .

P.S. The picture was taken in artificial lighting (I painted into dusk again!) so the colours are as close as I could get.