Magnificent Magnolias, Pt. 4

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Magnificent Magnolia (Watercolour)

Magnificent Magnolia (Watercolour)

I’m still battling on with this picture of Magnolia blossom, despite the feeling that it’s gone off the rails a bit. There are still aspects of it that I love, some of the colours, the shape of the main flowers in the centre. However, I think adding branches today has put another nail in the coffin… I’m just not very good at getting branches on trees 😛

There was lots of fiddling, painting on and taking off again, and the edges have got very messy. The general composition doesn’t really work either, it’s pretty obvious I didn’t plan what I was going to do first and therefore the tree doesn’t ‘work’ – it just wouldn’t grow in that shape and therefore it loses believability.

And will I turn it over tomorrow and start again on the other side? Or will I persevere a bit longer. Lwt’s just wait and see 🙂 .