Seeing Double! The Smallest Adjustments….

Comfort - Before & After Comparison (Graphite)

Comfort – Before & After Comparison (Graphite)

I couldn’t help but have a fiddle today with yesterday’s portrait… it was so frustrating that it was a great drawing, but it didn’t quite look like Jim’s niece Rhona.

I tried to focus on the painting of the giant wave I’ve been working on, I really did, but it just wasn’t going to work. In fact, that’s true in more ways than one – I tried to lift some of the paint in the foreground as I don’t think I’ve made a very good job of painting sea foam, and it won’t lift. That could make it difficult to finish the painting.

So anyway, I gave in and picked up an eraser and my graphite pencil and over the course of half an hour I made some very small adjustments to yesterday’s sketch. They were such small changes that I decided to post a before and after snapshot together. In case you’re confused the new one is at the bottom, and for those who don’t know her, it does look much more like Rhona now.

I know I should have started again from scratch, but there you go :-).