Slow Recoveries and (Hopefully) Emerging Butterflies

Blue Butterfly (Watercolour)

Blue Butterfly (Watercolour)

Today’s the 1st of April, and we’re a quarter of the way through 2015… but rather than practical jokes, today I’m finally trying to make some positive inroads into the year after encountering a few big personal hurdles, and so my first post in over two months is going to be in celebration of slow recoveries.

You won’t want to hear all the gory details (believe me!) but so much has happened in the past three months that I’m somewhat amazed it’s only April. On the other hand, the time has moved slowly for me and I’ve had too many hours to think about the past, the future, where I might be going with it all… and I’ve found it very hard to think of painting… hopefully that’s coming to an end, I picked up a paintbrush today and played around with a blue butterfly…

I have to give credit for my inspiration to a blog post earlier this week by my favourite artist, Jean Haines, as she wrote about painting to overcome the hiccups in your life. It was one of those uncanny moments where you read something that seems to be addressed to you personally… I had been meaning for weeks to enter a competition of hers featured in the Artist magazine and celebrating the colour blue, and this gave me the nudge to get started.

I did, unfortunately, come to the drawing board too late as the closing date was yesterday, but I still managed to get some paint on paper and even enjoy myself in the process – unfinished and not my best work, but hardly surprising after so long an absence!