Springtime Ornamental Plum Blossom, Pt. 2

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Ornamental Plum Blossom (Watercolour)

Ornamental Plum Blossom (Watercolour)


So, today I’ve started earlier and pinched an hour half way through the day to paint. The dog isn’t over the moon because it’s pushed back his walk time, and he is a creature of habit… but I’m sure it’ll do him good to learn some flexibility 😉

I’m quite excited to immerse myself in Plum Blossom again, especially as it’s completely disappeared from the garden now – it’s sad how quickly it all blows away, but it does remind you to grasp the moment! As well as excited, I’m also nervous about that large expanse of background and trying to fill it with foliage type splodges without painting every leaf… I can’t imagine how I’m going to do it and not create mud. Anyway, I made a start with some slightly darker pigments around the edges of the main flowers and now have to consider what do to in the top left, which is a bit blank at the moment.

As you can now see, there’s a honey bee on the central flower and I would love to capture it’s fuzziness… I did try, but the pale yellow I used spread too far and disappeared. Perhaps I can add a light halo at the end instead. I might have lost one of his wings too…. there is a little masking fluid to save the whites, but I’m not sure now that it’ll be enough.

Still happy 🙂 , more soon!