Sunning in the Grass…

Flint in the Grass
Flint in the Grass

Sunning in the Grass

Just a quick late night post to try and get my pen moving again. Not sure why, but I’m finding it really hard to write lately. I simply don’t have anything interesting to talk about. Which means I haven’t been sharing any new paintings either, sorry.

So here’s a few quick words about the watercolour sketch I did this afternoon of my old kelpie cross dog, Flint, sunning himself in the garden. The sketch was a bit of an accident really…  A few days ago I started a large painting of a Galah. It was looking pretty good, then I spent more than an hour on it this afternoon and managed to remove more than I’d added.

Eventually I woke up to what I was doing and put it aside before it broke completely. Instead,  I thought I’d do something therapeutic and simple, like an exercise from Jean Haines new book, Paint Yourself Calm. So I picked up a new piece of paper, and a brush, and… did something completely different and much more challenging! The colours and the bright sunlight of the photo of Flint just drew me in :-).