Technicolour Lorikeet Trial Wash

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Technicolour Test (Watercolour)

Technicolour Lorikeet Test (Watercolour)

It’s been quite frustrating after such an amazing weekend at Jean Haines’ workshop last week to have no time to grab hold tightly to that feeling and keep the momentum going… but unfortunately that’s the reality of working life and this week has been very busy – I was very disappointed to miss a whole week just waiting to paint again!

And so the weekend came around again, as it always does, and I managed to spend a lot of it not painting (but dreaming of it). Today I almost ran out of time again but finally made a brush sit in my hand and actually pick up some paint!

Next Monday is drop off date for Project Gallery’s 2nd Member’s show of the year and the theme is ‘Technicolour’. I have been wondering what to paint, and Lorikeets naturally come  to mind as they are great multicoloured subject matter, so I tried a preliminary wash this afternoon to gain some ideas.

Pictured is the result, a lovely bright mix of lots of colours…. it’s only a smallish piece of paper, but quite promising, and I’m pleased with the way the colours mixed. You might also be able to see the areas where I’ve applied cling film in the hope of suggesting feathers.