Two Colour Alpaca Sketch

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Alpaca (Watercolour Sketch)

Alpaca (Watercolour Sketch)

It’s great to reach the weekend again, but it’s also a reminder of how quickly time moves these days – another three days without a blog update, sorry! I would write about how time is speeding up as I get older, it seems however that everyone I know has the same problem regardless of their age. I probably just need to plan better 😛

Today I’m sharing the first first stage of a watercolour sketch I started this afternoon from a photo on Paintmyphoto by Linniekins. Only two colours so far, Raw Sienna and Ultramarine Blue – I love how they blend and separate on the paper to give so many shades of brown, grey and purple. At the moment the proportions of this Alpaca are looking a bit odd, but I think they are actually more or less correct. Hopefully when I get a bit more detail around the nostrils and add a background to frame the face it will look better.

Unfortunately I picked a scrap of paper that barely fits the young guy’s head so some of his curly mop-top has been chopped off. As a practise it’s promising though… I’ve been having trouble with eyes lately so it’s a nice to get some that have blended well and still managed to keep the highlight.