Day 100: Lotus & Rocks

Lotus & Rocks (Watercolour)

Lotus & Rocks (Watercolour)

I heard a gem this evening. We were at a comedy show, part of the Sydney Comedy Festival, and David O’Doherty was telling us about babysitting a 6 yr old daughter of a friend. They sat down to draw and she asked what he’d do, he didn’t know… and she said “Why not? You just draw your favourite things”.

But, of course! Where do we lose this simplicity? I have just spent the past week struggling to find something to paint, so tonight’s story was good timing. I’ve forgotten about the joy of where this all started, a long, long time ago when I was little – trying to capture my favourite things.

I no longer draw princesses and dragons, butterflies and castles, but why? I’m not really sure to be honest, maybe I don’t feel it would be appreciated as much as something more realistic… perhaps I should express my secret side and just do something that’s not serious and straightforward sometimes.

This afternoon before I even heard this I started a picture that was taken on a trip to the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney, a fairly simple lotus blossom on a lake sitting in front of a rocky outcrop. Just a very pretty picture, but something I often avoid for just that reason.