Day 108: Autumn Chrysanthemums for my Mum

Chrysanthemums (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

Chrysanthemums (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

We were back to Chinese Painting classes today, and as with each term the subject matter is tailored to the season and we start off with a study or two in ink before we’re allowed to use colour.

This is a great plan for me as I haven’t practised at all during the break and quite frankly I need to relearn the basic techniques before I confuse myself with colour as well!

This term we are well and truly into Autumn and our first exercise is Chrysanthemums – the class actually wasn’t too bad despite my lack of practice, all except my control of wetness, which isn’t (controlled, I mean).

I didn’t realise today in class but the subject ties in nicely with Mother’s Day next Sunday, so I’ll dedicate this to mine – some ‘mums for my Mum 🙂 Thanks for all your encouragement, Mum! xx