Day 142: Hungry Mr. Kingfisher

Hungry Kingfisher (Watercolour)

Hungry Kingfisher (Watercolour)

After having so much fun and getting such a good result with the lemons over the past few days I’ve spent all of today wondering how I can follow it and desperately trying to find something to inspire me.

At the eleventh hour, well more like 4 o’clock this afternoon, I remembered that in Chinese class on Monday we’d received some books that had been on order since Easter. Four beautiful ‘how to’ books with lots of inspiring pictures 🙂

Ten minutes flicking through them and I decided to try this dynamic study of a Kingfisher looking for lunch. I chose not to get all my Chinese equipment out though, wondering what it would be like to try a ‘sketch’ like rendering in watercolour – twenty minutes, all in one go, and just see what happens.

Well, it was great fun! And apart from a mistake with one of the bamboo sticks (if you look closely you can still see the remains of the first try) I am thoroughly happy with the nice bright colours and the general likeness to a kingfisher. I suspect it would be much harder as Chinese Spontaneous Style!