Day 159: Feeling a Bit Sketchy

Sweet Innocence (Pencil & Graphite)

Sweet Innocence (Pencil & Graphite Stick)

I’ve been working again today, so no light this evening for watercolours… and also no Chinese painting – is anyone else missing it yet? I certainly am, it’s very unfortunate that all this work has had to fall on Mondays. I’m going to have to set my own session up soon and do some practice I think, especially while I can’t make the lessons.

When I got home this evening I actually had an urge to draw, something that hasn’t really happened since I was small & would sit in my bedroom for hours drawing. What a lovely feeling it was though, the urge to feel the pencil rubbing and making marks on paper…

It took me a while to find a subject, but not too long as I went searching through the photos on the Paint My Photo website. This one was an easy choice, taken from a black & white photo by Harold Hopkinson of his great niece.

I thoroughly enjoyed my practice today 🙂