Day 168: Poochtastic!

Flying Flint (Watercolour)

Flying Flint (Watercolour)

I was lucky enough to have the day off work today, so I spent an hour or so this morning finishing off my picture of Flint on the beach before running out and buying a frame then delivering it to Wollongong by train for the members show at Project Contemporary ArtSpace gallery which starts next week.

I even remembered to grab a quick snapshot before I left it at the gallery so that I had something to show you today – a quick thank you to Emily for holding the frame while I took the photo.

I have to say, I’m chuffed to bits with this painting 🙂 How it eventually finished up, the amount of time it took… how well the wet in wet of his spotty fur worked, in fact how rough and wet it looks too, it all worked much better than I could ever have hoped.

Back to the sketch book in my lunch break tomorrow, so please just adjust all expectations to a suitable level ;-).