Day 223: Finding the Positive…

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Carnations & Roses (Watercolour)

Carnations & Roses (Watercolour)

I had an urge to paint some flowers today after hearing it’s the birthday of a long time family friend (Hello Annette!). However, they aren’t going well and I’m rather embarrassed to display them now….

Nonetheless here they are, after much fiddling the flowers are looking misshapen and very overworked… in a way it’s refreshing to have a day where things really don’t go right, it sort of reminds me I can’t always ‘make’ everything work and takes the pressure off a bit.

And yet, if you can look past the roses, which I laboured on long enough to mess up, you can see the best leaves I think I’ve ever painted :-P. I actually managed to lift out the vein lines for the first time ever!