Day 247: Bluebells, fading fast….

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Bluebells (Watercolour)

Bluebells (Watercolour)

So, I’m still plodding along with the Bluebells… I’m finding it harder to take this one seriously, but at the same time I can’t just let it sit unfinished.

I’ve added colour to the rest of the petals, but they definitely need some more work – emphasise the detail to make them more interesting perhaps. I also tried to increase the contrast between the background and the flowers by darkening the greenery around them. So far I’ve only done this to the right hand side, I think it’s helped… is it even noticeable? It’s meant losing some of the detail in this area, but something was necessary to make the flower stand out more.

I think maybe one more session and I’ll have to abandon this one. Incidentally, the real flowers in my garden didn’t last as long, they’ve already wilted and gone back into hibernation until next year – perhaps offering a subtle hint that I’m labouring over this a little too much 🙂