Day 262: Learning to Fly – Turkmenistan Eagle Owl

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Turkmenistan Eagle Owl (Watercolour)

`Turkmenistan Eagle Owl (Watercolour)

My nephews have been learning to fly… not themselves of course, they’re too young for planes and don’t have wings! They’ve been learning how to handle and fly birds of prey at a conservation centre near to where they live.

Today’s study is taken from a photo that Mum snapped during their end of year display. I think the name is right, but I picked it from a bunch of similar birds on Google search so I may have it wrong… if anyone knows please correct me. Of course it doesn’t look like the real thing yet as there’s several stages to go and more colours to add.

So far we just have a very light wash of Raw Sienna to set the undercoat of feathers, and Indigo for the background. They eye, which is where I started this time, is a mix of Vermilion and Indian Yellow. Please don’t look at the run backs top right of the picture, too much water puddled at the edge and made a mess! I’ll have to try and tidy that up.