Day 300: Regenerated, Bush Landscape

Bush Landscape (Watercolour)

Bush Landscape (Watercolour)

To follow up on yesterdays parting shot, the importance of patience and persistence, I’ve had another session with my dodgy bush landscape that I felt was much too over worked.

It’s still over worked, in fact after this afternoon probably more so :-), however I think I’ve managed to salvage it with a few helpings of the above mentioned qualities.

To begin with I tackled the tree trunks and lifted out the pigment on the light side of each one. This paper certainly does enable you to remove paint quite easily and I have some fairly respectable trees now – I love the way the bark has turned out on the closest one.

Encouraged by this result I lifted out some grass heads and stalks and turned the foreground into a pool by adding a reflection of the tree and lifting out some wind ripples. A few shadows across the rocks was enough then to call it finished.