Day 302: Flighty Fun, The Other Half

The Partner - Great White Egret  (Watercolour)

The Partner – Great White Egret (Watercolour)

Just a very quick note tonight… it’s been a pretty busy day and we’ve been out tonight to an excellent evening of comedy, amazingly it was free again (I don’t know how we’ve got on these mailing lists, but no complaints!).

I found half an hour for some painting before going out and rushed through a watercolour sketch of the other Egret that was in my reference photo. I shouldn’t be surprised that this was much harder, it wasn’t as confident or loose as the first – the original worked so well that another to match was always going to be troublesome. I don’t think the silhouette of this one is as strong as the first – that’s something we were told to watch out for in animation school; make sure you have a dynamic pose….

They do make quite a good pair though :-).