Day 312: Sunday and Chinese Painting Practise – Spring

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Spring Landscape (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

Spring Landscape (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

My update continues with Sunday, more rain, and another day of waiting for website miracles… but Oh No! Sunday’s painting was Chinese homework, and I had class this afternoon (Monday) so there’s no way of splitting what I did yesterday from today, because I didn’t take a photo in between. That was a bit of an oversight…

Well, here’s the painting as it stands now. My photo isn’t great because the light is a bit dim and I should have put something white underneath it first, but hopefully you can see that the green has had a coat of blue over it (that was yesterday’s work) and the misty clouds have been washed with a pale Indigo from their depths upwards, just leaving the tops white. Following that we had to strengthen some of the lines on the mountains to bring them forward again as all the washes had softened them. Finally the trees were also touched up and a darker wash spread near the trunks and branches to make them look denser.

This is the first Chinese landscape I’m really happy with, finally I can see some progress! I’m just a bit disappointed that I lost the fine details on the very front rocks while I was darkening them… my ink was just a little to wet and I probably should have chosen a few less lines to make it look more natural. As Maurice, our teacher, says, ‘you’ll just have to do it again then, a few more times’.