Day 32: Fly Frank! Update

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Fly Frank! (Watercolour)

Fly Frank! (Watercolour)

A certain person close to me mentioned this morning (Hi Mum!) that over recent days I’ve started several practice pieces that apparently haven’t been finished.

Now, I know I promised something new today, but it seemed too good an opportunity to rectify this and complete an unfinished work. Besides, the other practice I did today is under wraps until tomorrow at least (secretive, eh?).

So, I went back to complete Frank… by the way, I promise I’ll attempt this again at a larger size, this was SO small I had trouble seeing what my paintbrush was doing!

I’m pretty happy with it though, it’s a fairly good likeness. I just need to work out how to put his shadow in properly – he isn’t really running through a dust storm, he’s not even touching the ground in the photo I’m working from! Unfortunately the photo is poor and the lighting quite diffuse so there’s not much information there to help me.. I’ll just need to practice.