Day 321: Dragonfly

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Dragonfly (Graphite)

Dragonfly (Graphite)

You would think by now that I’d be able to get my subject on the paper, all of it… but no, I managed to completely misjudge the positioning of this one and some of the most shiny, interesting bits are off the page! Everything else in the reference photo is made of subtle colours which are really hard to replicate in grey, and worst of all it doesn’t even have an eye that I can ace.

Ho hum, it serves me right for choosing today’s subject for apparent speed and ease rather than any nobler reason. It’s been a busy day & so I did a search on Paint my Photo to find a subject and then decided on something that might not be too taxing. It’s interesting to remember how we derail ourselves repeatedly…this was not nearly as simple as expected.

Nonetheless, I can say I’m fairly happy with how delicate the wings look next to the body.